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Schweppes – « I like it like that »

« Schweppes – I like it like that »
Production Company: \Else

On this production i worked on various parts of the project:


A 3d animatic has been done in order to prepare the shooting on stage, where camera choices and acting of the characters were illustrated.

Modeling – Setup rigging:
I was in charge of the modeling of some props and characters (Chess pieces, Gas Cylinder used by the robot, Custom helmet of the actors, Crab, Shrimps,…) and of their setup. I also did the full setup of the Robot and had to work on the concept concerning the look of its head.

Those differents versions were drawn in order to choose the design of the Robot’s head

2d Animation concepts:
In order to create the props for this project, I have done some 2d concepts regarding the animation of the expressions of the robots, and in a second time, I did the same kind of work to see how could work the helmets of the actors. Please find below some illustrations of this step of the production :

3d Animation:
Once the props, the shrimps, the crab and the robot were done, i animated them as shown in the Commercial video taking place on top of this page.

Director: Romain Chassaing
3d Supervisor: Jerome Oliveras

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