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Food Panda

« Food Panda – Bubble Tea »
Production Company: Tetsuo

Character Modeler – Character setup/rigging – Animation

On this production we created four films for the brand « Food Panda », i was in charge of the creation of the Panda asset (except the « fur » Part) and of its animation. During pre-production some animation tests have been made to determine the « look » of the movements concerning the panda and a « stop motion »-like style has been chosen.

Directors: NoBrain
Post Producer: Gaëtan Le Goff
Character Modeling: Brice Bergeret
Props/environment Modeling: Nour Chameseddine, Léonard Dimanche
Grooming: Jonathan Chaillot, Jérôme Préhost
Layout: Léonard Dimanche
Animation: Brice Bergeret, Marion Guichenuy
FX: Jérôme Oliveras
Shading/Lighting/Render: Antoine Ponsart
Compositing : Lenaic Favard
Grading: Charles Keramoal

« Food Panda – Fresh »
« Food Panda – Shampoo »
« Food Panda – Pizza »

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